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Fun With Carpet Tiles!

May 22, 2013

Fun With Carpet TilesDIY carpet tiles look like a lot of fun. I have a craft room in my house for my girls to express their creativity. I didn’t want to worry about the mess on the floor from paint, glue and other crafting supplies so I asked our neighbors if we could have their old carpet when they were having it replaced. Their room is shaped exactly like ours so it was a total win/win situation. Now that the girls are older, and less messy, maybe it’s time to upgrade the flooring to something more bright and fun. At the same time, I still don’t want to worry about paint on my ceramic tile floors.

Carpet tiles seem like they would be a great solution. They are inexpensive, come in fun colors, and I could install them myself. I’m thinking a bold, pink and purple checkerboard look. Here is my concern: What happens when I want to UN-install these carpet tiles? It seems like maybe they go on a lot easier than they come off. If I use the peel and stick variety, then how much time am I going to spend on my hands and knees trying to scrub adhesive off my tile? However, the carpet tiles that do not need adhesives are much more expensive per square foot. I don’t want to shell out a lot of money for a floor that is sure to be temporary and most likely ruined sooner than I would like anyway. You can see my dilemma.

I’ve searched ALL over the web and think I may have found a solution. Unfortunately, the expensive squares don’t advertise their price right off, and the reasonable ones make it hard to determine if they require adhesives or not.

If price were not an issue, then I would definitely go with FLOR. They have great colors and a neat “dot” that is used to hold the carpet tiles to each other rather than to the floor. Carpet tiles are also directional, helping them to stay in place better. Maybe there’s a way to get the less expensive carpet tiles and then purchase the “dots” separately. Kind of mixing and matching the two manufacturing themes together.

Either way, it really is a very fun idea. Even for a laundry room or area rug. We have a pool at our place. The neighborhood kids, and my own of course, are constantly tracking water across my tile floor. Not only does it make the floor dangerously slippery, but it causes it to immediately look dirty due to the dried, watery footprints. A carpet tile walkway that leads from the back door to the bathroom would be ideal. And if it CAN be easy to uninstall, then it could just be a seasonal carpeted walkway. Maybe we could even save the pieces and assemble them each summer.

So there’s the bait. You’ll have to tune in on Friday to see the manufacturers, costs, and best places to look for carpet tiles online. See you then!


Julie Rosenfeld serves as an Administrative Assistant for Aaron’s Quality Cleaners, a carpet-cleaning company that services the Fresno and Clovis (CA) areas.  She is the author of “Julie’s Corner” and provides information and perspective on topics related to the carpet-cleaning industry.


Aaron’s Quality Cleaners performs carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, aggregate cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Fresno, Clovis, Madera and Sanger California.


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